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Donation Programs

  • Establish Baglung-USA society.
  • Create harmony among people coming from Baglung to USA.
  • manage fund and support in case of any humanitarian crisis

Support Programs

The general objective of this organization is to maintain solidarity among the people migrated from Baglung to USA and to help those Nepalese in case of any support they needed. In specific:
  • Mutual help, cooperation, support and unity.
  • Managing and raising rescue and support fund to support to needy people.
  • Manage fund and support people of Baglung.
  • Bio-diversity conservation and promoting folk culture.
  • Facilitating in running small and medium entrepreneurship

Awareness Campaign

  • Bring all people coming from Baglung together.
  • Form society with mutual relationship.
  • Manage fund and support people of Baglung.
  • Organize festive programs
  • Organize gathering, cultural programs, occasional activities such as football, volleyball, dance, music and so on..

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